About Tiff

Hi and welcome to Tiff Loves Tofu!

My name is Tiffany but most people call me Tiff. I’m also the videographer, photographer, blogger, and  recipe developer behind Tiff Loves Tofu.

This blog is dedicated to my love for cooking and all things plant-based. Cooking has been one of the few activities in my life that genuinely makes me happy. It brings peace and calmness within me after a long, stressful day. It provides a sense of belonging and the freedom to explore my creative side. On a more serious note, it has helped me cope during some dark times in my life. I hope that some of the content I share on this blog can bring as much joy into your life as it has brought in mine.

I first went plant-based in 2018 for health reasons. As I continued my research, I started to learn about the ethical and environmental impact from eating meat. After what I learned, I could not justify going back to my previous diet and have remained plant-based ever since. 

I know plant-based food gets a bad rep for being bland, tasting ‘too healthy’, or simply, not satisfying. On this blog, I would like to show that plant-based food can be full of flavor and just as gratifying as eating meat-based meals. Not to mention, it is easy to make and oftentimes, more budget-friendly than meat-based meals. So, if you are a long-time vegan/vegetarian or someone who’s looking for veggie-inspired meals, you’ve come to the right place! Regardless of what your dietary habits are, just know that you are all welcome here.

I am a self-taught home cook who simply wants to share what I’ve learned in my kitchen with you all. Please come join me on my culinary adventures and let’s cook together! Thanks for stopping by. 

With love,


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My Mission

To make plant-based recipes more accessible and to share resources to allow you to live your best life!