About Tiff

Hi and welcome to Tiff Loves Tofu!

I’ve always believed that food is more than a source of nourishment – it is a reflection of the story we tell ourselves and the thread that weaves us all together. Through the way we prepare, share, and eat food, we have the opportunity to discover more about who we are as well as the world around us.

For the majority of my young adult life, I experienced intense stomach issues. After years of visiting the doctor and taking medication without any success, I decided it was time for a change. I had read articles about people whose health issues improved after going plant-based. Within a few weeks, I began to feel better and my symptoms improved significantly.

In early 2020, I decided to combine my passion for the plant-based diet, veganism, cultural identity as an Asian-American, and love for cooking into the form of a food blog and recipe videos. Food is one of the most natural ways we can take care of ourselves and bond with other people, so it was instinctive for me to begin sharing my experiences with an audience. Since then, I’ve dedicated my efforts to creating innovative vegan Asian recipes for beginner-to-experienced home cooks. 

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My Mission

To make Asian-inspired plant-based recipes more accessible and to share resources to allow you to live your best life!